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Minjung Oh

My name is Minjung Oh. I moved to Australia from Korea in 2001. I previously studied music at university in Korea with major in piano. After that I went on to my masters in music education in Korea.
However, I have always had a strong interest in painting and drawing as I was always influenced by my fellow art students at university.
Fortunately I was able to join the RQAS (Royal Queensland Art Gallery) on the Gold Coast. this gave me the chance to learn life drawing. After that I joined a small art group and through this I became aware of my interest and desire for painting or drawing flowers and other plants.
Consequently, I decided from 2014 to start to learn botanic art the BASQ (Botanical Artists’ Society of Queensland). Luckily this enabled me to partake in workshops run by Ann Hays, Kay Sillivan and Lynda Young. In addition to these I recently completed a course run by Margaret Hastie. As I learn more various aspects of botanic art I feel learn to appreciate more about the different parts of Australian nature. I would like to keep working passionately and learn more about Botanic Art.
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Lechenaultia formosa

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