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Artwork from left to right: Dolores Skowronski-Malloni - Corymbia ficifolia & Eucalyptus caesiaArtwork from left to right: Harriet O’Donnell - Cymbidium ‘Golden Elf’, Leda Turner - Aeonium arboretum, Ann Hodgkinson - Telopea Shady Lady RedArtwork from left to right: Sharon Field – Banksia integrifolia, Angela Lober – Waratah, Linda Lunnon – Flannel flowersArtwork from left to right: Thea Clark – Sunflowers, Mary Ann Mein - Daucus carota - Wild carrot seed head, Lee  Machain - Amaryllis AmoreArtwork from left to right: Tanya Hoolihan - Strelitzia nicolai, Brenda Haas - Corymbia ficifolia, Maura Chamberlain - Richea dracophyllaArtwork from left to right: Halina  Steele - Syzygium suborbiculare, David Reynolds - Banksia serrata, Lynne Uptin - Hakea laurinaArtwork from left to right: Heather Simkin – Pumpkin, John Pastoriza Pinol – Mangosteens, Rochelle Maree - Sorrento pearArtwork from left to right: Frances Spain – Chinese elm, Sandra Cumming - Eucalyptus rhodantha - pink rose mallee, Joanna Thomas - Dahlia hybridArtwork from left to right: Andrew Carr - Eucalyptus conferruminata buds, flowers and gumnuts

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The Botanical Art Society of Australia, Inc

PO Box 3382
Exeter NSW 2579


The Botanical Art Society of Australia Inc.
PO Box 3382
Exeter NSW 2579

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