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David Reynolds

Botanical & Natural History Watercolour Artist

David is an experienced watercolour artist and teacher specialising in botanical art, natural history and wildlife art. He paints using watercolour and finds the medium exciting and vibrant with its beautiful rich colours and its ‘sometimes unpredictable’ nature. He describes his style as ‘Accurate Realism’ and is always looking to portray his botanical and wildlife subjects with the most accurate detail possible yet doing it in a ‘painterly’ way honouring the watercolour medium.

For David, painting is a ‘productive meditation’ and a great way to connect with nature through observation and art.

David has a strong presence on social media and has produced free botanical art tutorials showing some of the fundamental techniques used in watercolour.  He also runs classes in botanical and wildlife art and conducts specialist workshops both in Victoria and interstate.

3 photo(s) Updated on: 20 Nov 2019
  • Banksia integrifolia
  • Iris germanica ‘Black as night’
  • Papaver somniferum

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