Mizuho Asao

When I was little, wherever I was, whatever the time, I was always drawing. After completing Fundamental Design & Art and Industrial Design at Art school in Japan, I became a product designer. Drawing was naturally an essential part of my life all the time. However, after coming to Australia, I lost track of that part of myself for a while as I started a new life here. Then one Christmas, I received a gift from my lovely Santa which has awoken in me that person who used to love drawing. 
The gift was a watercolour painting set and a voucher for 1 day workshop of botanical watercolour painting. I was like a kinder girl on her first day – completely beside myself whilst drawing and painting eucalyptus leaves.
 It was really great to keep capturing what I saw and how I felt on paper. I was so happy that I could still remember that ‘special language’ whilst creating my first piece of botanical art.
Since then I have been learning botanical painting with Elaine Searle, one of the artists I admire most. And now I am rediscovering and gaining a deeper understanding of this special language; drawing, and translating all my creative experience into botanical art.