Worldwide Botanical Art Exhibition – May 2018 Now Open for Expressions of Interest in Participating in this event

BASA has been invited to participate in a world wide botanical art exhibition which will exhibit artworks themed on the native plants of each participating country.
This worldwide exhibition will bring together artists and the public to highlight the role contemporary botanical artists play in calling attention to the need to preserve our botanical diversity.
In Australia the exhibition will be held in Canberra during May 2018.
Countries currently interested in participating include Australia, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Republic of Korea, Russia, South Africa, UK, US.
Each county will schedule an opening event on 18th May 2018.  This 24 hour around the world, following the sun event, will maximise focus on the message “linking people with plants through contemporary botanical art.”

Participating countries will provide digital slide shows of up to 40 works, to be compiled with all of the other countries images and shown at each venue during the run of the exhibition.
The project goals are to;

  • Link the world’s people with plants through botanical art
  • Build partnerships between artists, institutions, scientists and the public
  • Increase appreciation and understanding of the world’s precious plant diversity
  • To acknowledge and build upon the increasing connections between botanical artists worldwide
  • The exhibition is to feature plant species of Australia, the definition of which is ‘any wild plant indigenous to Australia, including natural hybrids, but excluding any cultivar, man-made hybrids, and naturalized exotics’.
  • All artworks are to be botanically accurate and an artistic representation of the plant.
  • The exhibition is open to all BASA members with up to 3 entries per artist being considered.
  • If you are not a member and wish to join membership applications can be found on the website
  • Expressions of interest are now closed.
  •  Entry Forms for those who registered interest in February will be available in September 2017 to be completed and returned by 1st November 2017
  • Judging will be via digital media therefore digital scanned jpeg images 25cm (10 inches) high by 300dpi will be required by 15 November 2017. Your scanner should be able to provide you with an image fitting these requirements.

If you would like to find out more please email