Magenta Artists Art & Photography Show Botanical Art Prize @ Australian Inland Botanic Gardens.
Mar 30 – Apr 2 all-day


$500 Botanical Art prize

for more information and entry form visit the website below

World Wide Exhibition of Botanical Art 2018 ‘Linking people to plants through botanical art ‘
May 18 all-day

In May 2018 the Botanical Art Society of Australia, (BASA) as part of a world-wide exhibition of botanical art, will hold a juried exhibition in Canberra of flora native to Australia.

It will be synchronized with similar exhibitions in 16 other countries. During the exhibition a digital slide show will showcase up to 40 works from each of the participating countries. Australia will provide a slide show of up to 40 of our best artworks to be screened in each of the participating countries

A Worldwide Day of Botanical Art will be held on 18 May 2018 with events occurring for 24 hours following the sun from country to country.

The exhibition is to feature plant species of Australia, the definition of which is ‘any wild plant indigenous to Australia, including natural hybrids, but excluding any cultivar, man-made hybrids, and naturalized exotics’.

All artworks are to be botanically accurate and an artistic representation of the plant.

The exhibition is open to all BASA members with up to 3 entries per artist being considered.

If you are not a member and wish to join, membership applications can be found on the website

Judging will be via digital media therefore digital scanned jpeg images 25cm (10 inches) high by 300dpi will be required by 15 November 2017. Your scanner should be able to provide you with an image fitting these requirements.

Further information will be ongoing with entry forms now available to BASA members , to be completed and returned by 1st November 2017

Digital images 25cm high, 300dpi are required by 15th November 2017 for selection.

For more information and entry form,  Email: